Friday, December 23, 2011

Stop......chopper time!

10 years ago I purchased this steering neck with the mindset that someday, sometime, when the universe allowed, I was going to build the most Bitchin murdersickle I had ever laid eyes on. I promptly placed it on the top shelf in my toolbox so that I would be forced to gaze upon it everyday all day. I even wrote a note on it from the neck to me: some day I'll be a chopper. Money came, money went, projects came, projects went. All the while this piece of a very large puzzle lay waste to my reckless abandon. I think somehow it summoned magical powers and has dropped almost all parts and pieces needed for this machine on my doorstep. I think it's finally had enough, it's trying to tell me something, it's trying to tell's time to build a fucking chopper.

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