Friday, March 4, 2011

Daytona bound....

So we decided it was time to do Daytona bike week this year. After much preparation, a serious lack if time, and a gigantic late start out of the Union compound, we finally made it down to pick up Jeremy from Relic Custom painting and pinstriping. He does phenomenal work and I think it would be worth your time to check out his website, especially if you need paint or striping done.
I rolled in about 3 hours late and was happy to see Jeremy had all of his swag together in neatly stacked piles ready to hoof into the trailer. After all the headaches and roadblocks from the rest of the weeks preparation, I took this as a sign that the trip was finally going to stop fighting me and start going in a good direction. However, I should probably know better by now considering most of my friends are like me and feel the need to squeeze every ounce of productivity down to the last minute.
We made it to Papa Clutch just in the nick of time to help finish some last minute loose ends they were trying to tie up on there Daytona builds. Unfortunately when it comes to last minute loose ends, there's usually nothing short about the time frame you are about to enter into. Tools go inexplicably missing, nuts and bolts turn into gremlins, the previously fine tuned machinery that is your hands turn into useless sausage, and finally.......minutes turn into hours. Hours are like rabbits, always multiplying at an alarming rate and before you know it you've got a major problem on your hands. In our case we obviously weren't dealing with floppy eared bug eyed pellet droppers. Nope. We were dealing with the elusive time bandit. The natural human reaction in this situation is to freak out, smash shit and let tempers flare. Luckily, everyone involved is in this for the same reason. That reason being the 18 extra hours we spent hanging out with friends getting the job finished and inevitably holding a little piece of the project and the experience with us forever. If you don't see how wasting 18 hours of your timeline is what it's all about, I fear for you and I strongly believe you should stay out of the garage.

That being said here's a teaser pic of the seat we made for Tim and the boys latest panhead chop, we think it's pretty neato.

Also, I woke up this morning on Tim's couch disoriented and feeling like his dog probably poo'd in my mouth, only to be pleasantly surprised to see his Bitchin econoline. It made me miss my econoline pickup even more.

And it was mad reppin bob Ross. Respect.

Anyway, we managed to pack some miles on today and everything seems to be within closer reach now. Stay tuned.....

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